Paroles Dying Victims de Kreator

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  • Artiste: Kreator9759
  • Chanson: Dying Victims
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Textes et Paroles de Dying Victims

Creeping through the shadows
as the war of death begins
No one ever saw before the destruction he brings
He is the destroyer all
he brings is fear and pain
When your body is dead he's gonna
make you scream again
Scream for your lives no one will hear you
Scream for your god, he is dead
Creep across the field all you can see
Are dying victims
Now he is over, you can feel
his cold breath in your back
The axe is shining in
his hand he is ready to attack
Now you can see the hand of doom
is looming over you
The invader will split your head in two
Sounds of battle, sounds of death
Sounds of hellish pain
Sounds of Metal, heat in head
The fall of your domain

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