Paroles Now I Understand de Kristian Hoffman

Kristian Hoffman
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  • Chanson: Now I Understand
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Textes et Paroles de Now I Understand

Now I understand how things get broken. Now I understand how things slip by.
We could not invent a two part harmony - just better ways to lie,
and reasons not to try
to face the work at hand. Now I understand.

Now I understand how dreams go hollow. Now I understand how hopes must fall.
Though I wish it were, it's not a metaphor for anything at all.
It's simply what we call
the end of all we planned. Now I understand.

At last I'm wise enough to say I don't believe,
but that's a wisdom that I swear I never wanted to achieve.
If Alice dare grow up, she's granted no reprieve
and banned from Wonderland. Now I understand.

Now I understand this heart is empty. Now I understand this well is dry.
If I'd only known the passionless response, I'd never have asked why.
But now I can't deny
I've got the answers and now I understand.

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