Paroles White Suckers de Kristin Hersh

Kristin Hersh
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  • Artiste: Kristin Hersh9821
  • Chanson: White Suckers
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Textes et Paroles de White Suckers

We were awake together all night long
Sharing paraphernalia 'till dawn
You didn't dissapoint me Not at all

You never disappoint me
You lubricate the morning
Shining and yawning

You were nice but twisted the same old story
We were a match made in purgatory
You didn't disappoint me

You never disappoint me
You animate the morning
Shining and yawning

You come off like a distant moth
Aimless and driven
Yet you seem to be living it up
Walking around in your busted shoes
Like you've got nothing better to do

I don't like I was I don't know what I've become
But shaken out of my pallour I'm filled up
You didn't disappoint me
Not once

You never disappoint me
you mutilate the morning
Shining and yawning

You run by like a spazzing fly
Shameless and smiling
Yeah, you seem to be living it up
Driving around in your souped-up jeep
Like you've got somewhere better to be

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