Paroles Phucked de KRS-One

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  • Artiste: KRS-One5923
  • Chanson: Phucked
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Textes et Paroles de Phucked

Y'know when advice is in your face, you need to heed that
Word, you need to read that
Y'know, I put this lil' joint together real quick
You know what it's called?
It's called - NOW YOU'RE FUCKED!
That's right, listen

[Verse One]
Wasn't you the type to mimic what you saw on TV?
Wasn't you the type to mimic what you heard on CD?
You never wanted to work you wanted everything easy
You heard KRS and you said, "That's preachy!"
A wise young man says, "Father - teach me"
A foolish young man wants to live life freaky
Oh yes, Knowledge does Reign Supremely
When I said it eighty-nine you didn't believe me

NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. that's right
NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. life is over, finished, done
NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. better heed that, read that

[Verse Two]
Listen - back in the days on the Boulevard of Linden
BROOKLYN! Kris was a, metaphysician
LOOKIN! For better ways to live without bein
TOOKEN! We started our own management and
BOOKIN! Makin moves with them live cats on
FULTON! I can't even 'member all the dough that we
TOOK IN! But you was lookin down on us
Cause platinum never astounded us, so

NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. word, like that
NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. ha, you shoulda heed that, you better
NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. y'all was chasin the radio, remember that?
NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. what they givin you back now?

[Verse Three]
Back when we was all singin "Monie in the Middle"
You wanted to wiggle, jiggle in a tight skirt and giggle
Even when outside was brittle, you still had on little
And KRS warned that you'll get played like a fiddle
Now you havin cravings for pickles cause you pregnant
and don't know where the dad went and you poppin them drugs like Skittles
When the baby is born it's little and sick
But it's no riddle, you was movin too quick, huh

NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. word, look at this
NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. you shoulda stayed home and read a book
NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. literally, symbolically

[Verse Four]
When advice is in your life you need to take it
Cause frankly, everybody ain't gonna make it
Back in the days we, showed 'em the way
I put it there in the music but you weren't amazed
You would criticize, debate, and basically hate
But let it be known I wanted everyone to be great
But you would diss and not even try to do better
When we was at the U.N. you said "whatever"

NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. we movin ahead, you still in the same spot
NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. 'member all that back talk, all that?
NOW YOU'RE FUCKED! .. takin over

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