Paroles Love Is On The Run de Krystal Meyers

Krystal Meyers
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  • Artiste: Krystal Meyers6302
  • Chanson: Love Is On The Run
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Textes et Paroles de Love Is On The Run

Did anybody notice
While we were busy talking trash
It slipped out of our reach
Is anything without it
It's funny how we all forget to
Practice what we preach

We let it go
We should have known
It might leave

Love is on the run
Under the gun
Before it gets away we got a chance to save it
From hiding in the dark
Dying for a heart
Gotta let it be contagious
There's something in the blood
Taking over us
Until we embrace
His beautiful grace
Love is on the run

We've taken it for granted
He's given us a good thing and we're
Letting it escape
We're heading for disaster
Living like it never really matters
Has to change

We let it go
Left alone
It had to leave

Looking for someone
To use it in the way
The way that it was made
Don't let it go
Don't let it go
Don't let it go
Don't throw it away

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