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Kylie Minogue
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  • Artiste: Kylie Minogue2610
  • Chanson: Enjoy Yourself
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Textes et Paroles de Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy it, enjoy it

Never let life
Get you down
When your head is spinning
Feet won't touch the ground
For in this world
The good time you can't plan
You'd better take your chances while you can

Don't wait 'til tomorrow
When you should be living today
Enjoy it, enjoy it
Before too long it's too late
Don't throw the good times away
Enjoy it, enjoy it [repeat]

Don't break up
When everything's too much
Don't run and hide
For nothing comes to those who will not try
You may just as well have kissed
Your dreams goodbye


For nothing comes to those who hesitate
Grab your dreams before it gets too late


[repeat & fade]

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