Paroles You're The One de Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue
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  • Artiste: Kylie Minogue2610
  • Chanson: You're The One
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Textes et Paroles de You're The One

If you believe in me,
and all we can be then we're halfway there.
'Cause where would I be without you,
and all we've through,
in this love we share.

If we were ever to start,
to let love fall apart,
then I'd lose my way,
there are just three words I need to be heard,
I only want to say...

...You're the one

And the quietness,
is where I confess,
how I feel inside,
when you're holding me,
everything I need,
is by my side.

Take me away to a place,
time and space,
that make me feel pure,
I will be there for you,
I adore you
Of this I am sure...

...You're the one

Now that I have bared my soul for you,
a little trust wouldn't go astray,
now that I have given it all to you,
don't let a mishap get in the way.
'Cause it's a long way down from where you're sitting,
at the top of a jewelled throne,
and I've been done the deed,
more than once, more than twice
and they were left to pay the price alone.

If we were ever to start,
drifting apart,
then I'd lose my way,
in return to me,
In all honesty,
I need it when you say...

...You're the one

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