Paroles Once Again Late At Night de Laakso

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  • Artiste: Laakso25044
  • Chanson: Once Again Late At Night
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Textes et Paroles de Once Again Late At Night

call you up late at night once again,
after all this time I call you up.
As I see things, tonight you're an easy way out.
It's been quite a while since I was honest with you,
it's true.
Innocent kids grow up to be people that lie.
Walking the central streets
really hoping for someone to jump into me,
beat the shit out of me.
Turn me into a man, make me understand.
Drink myself half way to death
just to trick my own head,
just to make me believe that you're back in my bed.
When I turn over to throw up you're not there.
A friend of a friend that invited me in
has left with our common friend,
left me with free drinks
and people that don't understand a shit about who I am.
A boy with a mustache asked me to play his game,
by his rules. I said ok.
Proved himself to be an asshole like everyone said.
Open your door,
take my coat off, give me more fuel.
See me with the same eyes that told me
"Man, you fuck great!"
In the morning I leave through your backdoor,
we'll forget about it all.
I'll leave you the size of my feet in the snow when I go.

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