Paroles Shallow Life de Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil
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  • Artiste: Lacuna Coil2567
  • Chanson: Shallow Life
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Textes et Paroles de Shallow Life

I never thought I'd be the soldier
I take my place inside the battle
I've come to realize the journey is over
Realize that life is sober
Everyday I'm like a soldier
Waking up within the battle
And through the haze I live a dream
That's better
than what I feel inside
Diggin' in me
Suffering darkness in my eyes
Against the light of Rome
I see the reflection of the ghost that I've become
Waiting behind the windows
I resign to be alone
I want to feel alone
And lost in this solitude

Shallow life
I'll stay close to the ground
Shallow life
The walls keep falling down
I close my eyes
I'll find my way around
In the shallow life

Welcome to the bottom line
Suffering darkness in my eyes
Against the night of Rome
I get confused and all I hear is just I
I will resign and search for peace of mind
I'm on my own
I need to be alone
And lost in this solitude

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