Paroles Jaded Ways de Lagwagon

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  • Artiste: Lagwagon5006
  • Chanson: Jaded Ways
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Textes et Paroles de Jaded Ways

I used to be a trustworthy guy
I could have bend down my friend
But no one seems to care
Life, it's all just filthy air, right?
But do they giving you anything?
When there is nothing give
But your people kept thinking
They could have mine if you'd like to do, live to all in my life totally jaded
It's all that cool and it doesn't beat
I walk alone with psychic people that I hated
No, I have to dole my jaded ways when there's on more
So you're gonna do her
Before she's gonna do him
Your one demand is to get fucked
And I'll be playing with violence
This act is a whip

And where I would walk for someone else
Just keep time, all our live's getting murdered, in my life so totally jaded
It's all that cool and it doesn't beat
I walk alone with psychic people that I hated
Oh, I have to dole my jaded ways when there's on more

Your life will not last

But can I keep this life in junction, never talked with people that life would
I need quiet chatter with the way too damned, I just don't have the time
The time gets short, it's not in your butt but my nature, is there something
wrong with me?
And now I know you're the one to play, you laughed out of your stupid hate

Why he can't wait, people leave this things
They love their vices and virtue
And she's afraid of much other chicks
And so they give her that piece of shit
I get the dynamo fraction
So give me just your fucking sleeves
But it will all come back at you
I hope that I'm around to see you live your life totally jaded
It's all just cool, you have no fear
You walk alone, just microdont shit, you are jaded
I have to dole with stupid clones or weathered shit, you dated hard

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