Paroles The Worst de Lagwagon

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  • Artiste: Lagwagon5006
  • Chanson: The Worst
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Textes et Paroles de The Worst

How does it start?
When does it end?
Blood and love graces everyone
You only want to touch it once

He didn't give it up
She wasn't long enough
They didn't save your falling smile
He never had a chance

But there it is
You're finally blessed
And you can't handle it

The worst

What did it say?
All you really need is love
But you're gonna make those fuckers pay
You're gonna hurt someone

That's all there really is
The ones that don't survive
They lied to you a thousand times
And you're starving heart has died

But there it is
You're finally blessed

Failure, failure, failure
A cement frown breaking
Allows a straight line blown away
It fell at thirteen

You're wide awake
Hours blind every winding curve
You start the fall from grace

The worst

You never had a chance

But here it is
You're finally blessed

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