Paroles Lonely By Myself de Larry Norman

Larry Norman
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  • Artiste: Larry Norman25130
  • Chanson: Lonely By Myself
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Textes et Paroles de Lonely By Myself

If I could find someone who really cared for me
someone to share my love and keep me company
If could find someone I'd let them take control
and in exchange for love I'd give my very soul

It's such a lonely life
I almost cry each night
cause faith has put me on the shelf
I get so lonely, so lonely by my self

If I could find someone who'd really love me right
they'd make my life complete they'd make my soul shine bright
I've looked around the world I've walked down every street
still I can't find no one to give me what I need

It's such a lonely life
I almost cry each night
cause faith has put me, faith has put me on the shelf
I get so lonely so lonely by my self
I get so lonely, so lonely, so lonely by my self

Who can I turn to
Is there anybody there
doesn't anybody care
Oh doesn't anybody listen
doesn't anybody care

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