Paroles Thoughts Of A Girl de Las Clones

Las Clones
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  • Artiste: Las Clones25153
  • Chanson: Thoughts Of A Girl
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Textes et Paroles de Thoughts Of A Girl

Why does everything have to be so hard
Why can the world just stop
And let me think
Why can't I just be soft in front of you
instead of being such a
I don't even know

I think that I'm the one whose changed
I see your flaws instead of your perfect face
I know now that everything isn't always perfect
But I still want to believe
Everything would just be easier if I did
Then I wouldn't have to go back and forth

I don't even know what my thoughts are anymore
I'm just sick of hearing what everybody thinks
Really there all just faking it
Pretending they don't even know
What it's like not to fit

Why are all the people staring
Don't they want to speak up too
They're just all sitting back quietly
Playing along with this game
Where I don't know the rules

So I'm back to this hallow place
A place inside my head
Where I can think without any comments back
You are all so hypocritical
You jam stuff down my throat
How a perfect person should look
But when I'm already like that
You say I must be sick

Try to label me
I dare you, you don't even know
You just think that I'm being something awful
That I must be because I don't see things your way
Now I'm just going to say what i think
You all don't know the rules either
You're all just sitting there
Pretending nothing is happening

I'm screaming at a wall that hopefully will fall
Really, none of you know what you are
And you're angry because I see the charade
You just got to know that the world has greys

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