Paroles It's Over Now de Latif

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  • Artiste: Latif18776
  • Chanson: It's Over Now
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Textes et Paroles de It's Over Now

What Up Ya'll This Is Your Boy Latif A.K.A Corey Williams And I'm Chillin With My Man Dj Kuzito Ladies I Wanna See You In The Place Lets Get It On

I Tried Ma Best 2 B True
I Think I Had It With U
Don't Kno Wat Else I Can Do
Keep Gettin These Feelins We Havin
Its Killin Me So
But No I Can't Let You Go
This One That Everyone Jus Pass Up On
And It Aint Goin Down(And Then I Told Ya Yea)

[Break Down:]
Sometimes I Get It On The Side
But That Shit Was On My Mind
Had To Get That Dirt Up Off My Shoulder(Yea)
And Now This Shit Has Gone To Far
But I Knew It All Along

And Now It's Over Now
You Gonna See Another Side Of Me(Yeah)
Over Now
You Broke My Heart And Now This Is The Part When I Leave You [X2]

You Seem So Quick To Forget
Back In The Day When We Met
I Used To Bring Home The Check
Just To Support You
I Used To Give You My All
But That Won't Happen No More

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