Paroles Count Your Coins On A Salver de Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro
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  • Artiste: Laura Nyro25219
  • Chanson: Count Your Coins On A Salver
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Textes et Paroles de Count Your Coins On A Salver

When the heavens collapse and the earth burns in the flames of arrogance
Destroyed by disaster that never seemed so close

One minute quietly rolling with passion
The next hugging the bloody corpse beneath you
Silently and surely fold their lidded eyes
Pray if you want, although it hasn't helped so far

Stewards of the earth, our calling lost on the wind
Shirk responsibility and chase desires
From the get-go we were doomed, yet we pretend we never knew

Igonorance is bliss, yet take up arms when they crash your homes

So when the children of our children live in this toxic universe
Choking on corruption and asphixated on ash

What would you say if you knew this grim future
Would you waste it away or praise a day of change

Too bad you'll never know

As this world crashes into oblivion, we fall off
And curse the day we were given this solemn duty

And did nothing to change.

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