Paroles Timer de Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro
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  • Artiste: Laura Nyro25219
  • Chanson: Timer
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Textes et Paroles de Timer

goin' down
ole life line
walkin' down faster
walking with the master of time
My lady woke up
and she broke down
she got up
she let go
take me, Timer
shake me, Timer
Timer, let it blow
let it blow-
my darling friends
Oh I belong to Timer
he changed my face
you're a fine one, Timer
you got me walkin'
through the gates of Space
I keep rememberin'
that I use to walk through
Baby, I'm not tryin' to talk you down
but I could walk through them doors
onto a pleasure ground
it was sweet and funny
a pleasure ground
didn't know about money
didn't know about Timer
to my cradle
at the start
But now my hand is open
and now my hand is ready for my heart
So let the wind blow, Timer
let the wind blow, Timer/I like her song
and if the song goes minor
I won't mind
And Timer knows the lady's gonna
love again
if you don't love me
The lady rambles
never more
If you love me true
And if you love me true
I'll spend my life with you
you and Timer
You're a jigsaw, Timer
you're a.../God is a jigsaw
a jigsaw, Timer
soulin' with
soulin' with
soulin' with Timer
Let it blow-

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