Paroles Vanessa's Father de Lauren Christy

Lauren Christy
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  • Chanson: Vanessa's Father
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Textes et Paroles de Vanessa's Father

Vanessa's father, he liked to be alone
Creating works of art, which he'd paint in a cottage made of stone
One day I crept inside, and I was unaware
of what I was gong to find, well the pictures they opened up my mind.
I saw sculptures of young lovers intertwined,
And on their bodies he had signed his name,
And so I left that place, with a different look upon my face.

Well I was fifteen and he had a certain charm,
The way he smiled at me and the way that he'd gently touch my arm,
And somehow we would always be alone
When it was time to take me home
And so we'd speed through the countryside
In his convertible we'd ride

Vanessa's father, was driving me home at night,
And I never said a word, oh but somehow we just got here,
Her father, was driving me home at night,
And when I think back to then,
I would count the days til I could go there again,
Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Another weekend, strange thoughts inside of me,
Is it Vanessa who I am really going there to see,
I'd smoke a cigarette, I'd thought so secretly,
But the door it gently opened and he stood there smiling down at me,
And then he pushed me backwards against the wall,
I looked up cause he's so tall,
And then he stared into my eyes,
and kissed me so hard I cried.

Vanessa's father, was sleeping with me at night,
And I never said a word, oh but somehow we just got here,
Her father, was sleeping with me at night,
And when I think back to then,
I would count the days til I could see him again,
Oh no, oh no, oh no.

The shaft of light would fall against my skin,
That would seem sensual to him,
But I'm too young to use these qualities, you bitch,
I must be evil, I must be tained.
He breathed against the girl, he's painted a thousand times,
I give up, and put out to him.

Now this present time, look back on history,
Oh and it seems so clear,
Everything has been planned out for me,
My husband smiles at me, sends love for me to see,
I can't regret my past,
Cause Vanessa's father,
Is married to me

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