Paroles Winning de Leatherface

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  • Artiste: Leatherface25295
  • Chanson: Winning
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Textes et Paroles de Winning

Million little faces staring at you
Put your hands in your pockets pull out a coin or two
Get back to the job of the day
Which is all about winning you're gonna lose anyway
Winning I'm winning winning I ****** I'm winning I'm winning
There's a thing and it's called thief
And they're mistaken in their belief
That possession is everything and I'm going to win
And there's the friendly old state police
Who's job it is to keep the peace
And I don't know how they're gonna do it
They talk about winning they're gonna break it
Winning I'm winning now I've ****** I'm winning I'm winning
And sometimes there's a choice to make
Round abouts and swings aren't my favorite things

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