Paroles Anything For You de Lee Harding

Lee Harding
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  • Chanson: Anything For You
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Textes et Paroles de Anything For You

Well I cant deny it
Don't wanna let go
Just wanna ride
High on ya love so
I got all the vibes I need
Feels me up from my head to my feet
Well I cant describe it
So I put on a show
And then I act a little crazy when im feeling ya flow
Like dynamite your a real go getter
I'm hypnotized it couldn't get much better


Bouncing on the town he we go
Bouncing up and down on a roll
Turn on the lights
See my delights
Baby look at me here I go


I feel like jumping in the river
Taking all my clothes off
Swim butt naked
Till I get arrested
I'll do most anything for you
'Cos I like ya dirty attitude
Dancing on hot coals
Juggling with chainsaws
Sleeping on a nail bed
All this and more
I'll do most anything for you
Yeah anything for you


Well now im in trouble
Caught by the cops
For the love that I showed you out on the rocks
But that don't mean a thing to me
'Cos when your near im feeling free
So give me the smile
That makes me go wild
Give me the look that got me so hooked
So tie me down before I explode
You're the best of all the feathers I ever did know





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