Paroles Harmony de Lelia Broussard

Lelia Broussard
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  • Artiste: Lelia Broussard47764
  • Chanson: Harmony
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Textes et Paroles de Harmony

Still it remains even though it's gone
You cant see it but I guarantee I know you're gonna feel it
Are you happy now? Are you happy she says?
Don't answer too quickly now and take time and stop before you speak
Sit up straight and face the world with your open heart your open arms oh

Peace love and happiness
And don't forget your harmony

You give me clarity about
Who I am and who I want to be
Oh but eventually she says you gotta learn
You're learnin to love yourself

Peace love and happiness
And don't forget your harmony
Harmony hey eh yeaah

(Guitar Solo)

You say when you can love yourself
It'll all just gonna fall into its place
Out I'll be there when you're down when you're
On top of the world oh

Peace love and happiness
And don't forget that harmony
Eh harmony ee ee harmony


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