Paroles Moonchild de Lemur

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  • Artiste: Lemur25420
  • Chanson: Moonchild
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Textes et Paroles de Moonchild

I wished for you just to see me
I wished for something that could never be
I know the sculpture of your form
I know the architecture of your face
You made me fantasize about such lurid lust
You made me fantasize about that domestic dream

I regret never having shared my peace
I regret never having shown my feelings

you always felt so far away
Even when I was there beside you

why couldn't I have told you
why couldn't I have known you

you could have shown me such beautiful colors
but we both had other obligations

My Artemis, bathe me in your light
I want to feel what love is...
My Artemis, bathe me in your light
I want to show you what love is...

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