Paroles Nothin' Ventured de Les Claypool's Fancy Band

Les Claypool's Fancy Band
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  • Artiste: Les Claypool's Fancy Band25469
  • Chanson: Nothin' Ventured
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Textes et Paroles de Nothin' Ventured

Nothin' Ventured, nothin' gained

His old time dentures pitted and coffee stained
Drove a milk truck for an outfit called Dairy Time
Till the cobwebs filled and clouded his mind
Something borrowed something blue
Rest assured her love was always true
They raised their sons in a place called Tomales Bay
Then Melanoma came and took her away
He doesn't worry but will often pine
The biggest obstacle
Is passin' time

He sold his house and bought a big ol' wood trawler
Now he drags the ocean to earn a square dollar

Nothin' Ventured, nothin' gained

The salty air helps to fade the pain
A simple man with a simple wish
Affable seas and an occasional load of fish

Nothin' Ventured, nothin' gained

Every now and then yer gonna get slapped
With a slab of rain

Nothin' Ventured, nothin' gained

Some die and leave their mark
Some just a stain

Nothin' Ventured, nothin' gained

One man's solitaire is a rosy palm
By any other name

Nothin' Ventured, nothin' gained

When all is said and done
The better of the deeds remain

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