Paroles A Heart Full Of Love de Les Misérables (1980)

Les Misérables (1980)
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  • Chanson: A Heart Full Of Love
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Textes et Paroles de A Heart Full Of Love

(Time has passed. Suggest Marius convalescing, encouraged by Cosette who takes his arm as he walks with firmer step)

Every day
You walk with stronger step
You walk with longer step-
`The worst is over.'

Every day
I wonder every day
Who was it brought me here
From the barricade?

Don't think about it, Marius!
With all the years ahead of us!
I will never go away
And we will be together
Every day.
Every day,
We'll remember that night
And the vow that we made:

A heart full of love
A night full of you
The words are old
But always true.
Oh, God, for shame
You did not even know my name!

Dear Mad'moiselle
I was lost in your spell.

(Valjean enters, unnoticed)

A heart full of love
No fear no regret
`My name is Marius Pontmercy'

Cosette, Cosette!

I saw you waiting and I knew.

Waiting for you
At your feet

At your call

And it wasn't a dream
Not a dream after all

VALJEAN(interjecting, to himself)
She was never mine to keep.
She is youthful, she is free.
Love is the garden of the young
Let it be... let it be...
A heart full of love
This I give you on this day.

(They notice Valjean)

M'sieur, this is a day
I can never forget.
Is gratitude enough
For giving me Cosette?
Your home shall be with us
And not a day shall pass
But we will prove our love
To you, whom we shall call
A father to us both
A father to us all.

(Cosette leaves)

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