Paroles Mr. Chevy Celebrity de Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake
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  • Artiste: Less Than Jake5329
  • Chanson: Mr. Chevy Celebrity
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Textes et Paroles de Mr. Chevy Celebrity

Well I thought all my friends were sane
then I met this kid in the fourth grade
"let's go throw rocks through the neighbor's windows"
I never wanted to go but he would always make me
I wanna know what you were thinking
I wanna know what you were drinking
Mark Cruce
Have another drink Mark Cruce
He's the guy passing out and crashing on your couch
Mark Cruce Have another drink Mark Cruce
He's the guy pissing in the front yard of your house
Mark Cruce
Through all the years not a whole lot's changed
how 'bout that party where you stole the beer tap
off some burnout's keg
I really hope that you know
I almost got my ass beat
have another drink Mark Cruce
he's the guy with the bat that took your mailbox out
setting fire to bags of shit outside your neighbor's house

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