Paroles Don't Know Shit de Let Down

Let Down
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  • Artiste: Let Down29501
  • Chanson: Don't Know Shit
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Textes et Paroles de Don't Know Shit

Just don't understand why you'd go and say that shit
a year ago where the fuck were you?
wasted and now youve got something to say
not gonna brush this off no fucking way!
talk and talk behind my back
not a word to my face
you don't know what this means
you sound so fucking dumb
you don't know what this means
live your shit life with your shitty friends,
that's more than you deserve
think you know all of us so well?
insecure and insincere it's so easy to tell
OHHH no matter what we do it's never fucking right
just because we speak the truth we're gonna start more shit
never gonna back down from a single thing
if you hate us so much stop fucking listening

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