Paroles Don't Be Afraid de Lexicon

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  • Artiste: Lexicon15280
  • Chanson: Don't Be Afraid
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Textes et Paroles de Don't Be Afraid

[Big Oak]
Now set it off, like... Yo yo, yo Nick, where you at, my man?

[Nick Fury]
I'm right here. Right here. Cheapshot, where you at?

Say what?

[Big Oak]
See it took movin' with a fleet foot
So the key should be to move limbs
It's all sink or swim
And I never even [unintelligible] and just slippin' to the bottom
Just locked on to my targets
When they close enough I shot 'em
That's just how I do, already showed you
But when you fall too many times that gets old too
So now I promise that you'll never hear me complain again
Cause when it comes to paying dues you're forced to stay in debt
People came and went, my savings spent
But I'm just happy I can pay my rent
Although it takes me for my very last cent
I never break down, prefer instead to break ground
You can't hang the shake down and run through the night
I'm to busy makin' moves to get caught up in your fight
You try to raise it up but couldn't find the wind for your kite
I simply worked harder, and now I'm set for the clock

[chorus, woman's voice & Big Oak simultaneously]
[woman {Big Oak}]
Don't be afraid
{Whatcha doin with yourself?}
(that you'll lose?)
{And where ya going with yourself?}
{And whatcha showin' of yourself?}
{And are you happy with yourself?}

[repeat chorus 3 more times]

[Nick Fury]
As a kid they said to follow your heart
Put your right foot forward and your left at the start
You gotta be straight and narrow, slicked back with a part
Follow the light or get stuck in the dark
Man, ain't shit changed, gotta switch lanes
Break down the wall if you don't flip frames
I'm new to you but I got practice at this
Every day it's an impression of Atlas
And the fact is, I never gave up, gave in, or tapped out
Got too much pride for that
And it's an uphill climb, I get so tired that I pass out
But I ain't slidin' back, I've
Lost hope, watched it come out of nothing
Heard a lot of talk, seen a lot of bluffing and
I learned somthin' man, every day I stay breathin'
That's what separates tryin' from believin'

[chorus x4]

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