Paroles Rock de Lexicon

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  • Artiste: Lexicon15280
  • Chanson: Rock
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Textes et Paroles de Rock

You Gotta Rock to the rythm with em got to give it to em, got to give alot more than the minumum. Rock to the rythm with em got to give it to em, got to give alot more (More) (X2)

[Verse One]
Yo Wake up, Wake up its a new day now sidestep right, left whos gonna break down, its how I get down, make em all sit down, either that or have them hurry in to skip town. Feed your ears with the snares and the kicks pow, alway chew it up, but I have to watch where I get down, try to navigate your way through this thick sound, its big oak duck and cover when I spit rhymes, way after the show, I breathe for a pit-stop surrounded by chicks who dont listen to hip-hop, but they do now , im sorta like a missionary gettin every word into every herd, it may sound ubserd but I dont never never not wanna feel this way that I feel so, catch the vibe and let down your gaurd lets make it capsize we rockin so hard.


[Verse Two]
Come follow me as I work with the simple plan, cut out the top and the bottom plus the middleman, its kinda stressful trying to figure out this little and, hunny said i'm looking pale I need a little tan, but thats because ive been behind closed doors trying to make these songs for yah or ill do wrong for yah. I might be inclined to jump on the next wagon, thats filled with young bucks just to keep your pants saggin. yeah im feeling old i still play truth or dare, been doing this since FMU wanted more facial hair. Yup! shes inventing the game and on the microphone yah got to give it to em (EH). I dont give a damn bout your man so I dont understand why you try to shake hands like its cool,Cause see for me and my band and the height that we stand, we can see you must feel like a fool, Cause yah cant bend the rules you gotta break em in half like I did to everything that tried clutter my path. Fuck a flag, put it out on the mass, It seems the war must have got out at last. The smiles the sighs some police say hi, They frown they cry so I say goodbye aiddyo's my man i gotta fly got my people waiting for me trying to catch a red eye.


[Verse Three]
Tell me what you got to say, unless it ain't nothing that case your fronting. I tell yah something plus this and that man, and ill even do an encore if the crowd demands. I got a plan you can bet that it deals with me and my life and a whole lotta music, so either love it or get used to it, and put your hands up if we tell you to do it. Number one I gotta two I gotta three make your head spin like helicopters. But cant stick around long for your thoughts huh? Dont have the patience like a bad doctor. But ill describe one thing for your asses put on your glasses and keep your ears waxless, cause I want ya'll to hear and witness the L rocking crowds are ripping doors off the hinges.


(Thanks to Mike for these lyrics)

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