Paroles Greed de Liberty X

Liberty X
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  • Artiste: Liberty X3137
  • Chanson: Greed
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Textes et Paroles de Greed

How much do you really want,
if you had it would it really solve your problems.
Do you realise the pain it causes,
strugglin for something you may never get.
How much would you sacrifice,
if I told you I could change you life,
you don't have to take on my advice.
Don't do something that you might regret.

How much do you really need,
is it just a fight or is it greed.
Can you satisfy you normality,
if you get to where you think you wanna go.
How much is it gonna take,
will you see it through or will you break.
Cos in the end what will you have to show.

Life can be lonely,
when all you have are your possessions.
Greed becomes your main obession,
just take it slowely.
If what you want aint' what you need,
you've become a victim of your greed.

How much do you really feel,
can you recognise when something's real.
Do you live your life with big ideas,
do you think one day you'll get the chance.
What happens if you don't achieve,
will it be enought if you believe.
If you can just rely on destiny,
don't you know your fate is in your hands.

How much is enough for you,
when you reach the top what will you do.
Will you look around for something new,
without a destination will you carry on.
Will you try day after day,
pretend you don't hear what they say.
what would you do if all you pride was gone.


Cos material possessions ain't the world (ain't the world)
nobody ever bought you happiness with diamonds and pearls.
You gotta look at things for what they really are
(what they really are)
Before you find yourself wanting much, going way to far.

(repeat chorus to fade)

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