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Liberty X
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  • Artiste: Liberty X3137
  • Chanson: It's OK
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Textes et Paroles de It's OK

Another day another letter
When it don't rain outside it pours
Yeah I feel ya
And its kinda got ya thinkin'
You ain't where you wanna be at all
Oh no

You hope and pray for answers
And just wait for change to come
Its all in your hands don't worry
The ball is in your court

Instead of sitting wondering
Lift up your head start walking
You've gotta take a chance to see

That it's OK
Sometimes the world feels like its on your back
But it's OK
You can always turn things round to go your way
If you just release your mind
Open your eyes
Your gonna find a way
I'm telling you today
It's gonna be OK

Another night another hour
Funny how time passes by
If you contemplate it
Instead of standing on your own two
Its on others that you rely
Oh no

Your legs can take you nowhere
If you ain't prepared to walk
So brush that dirt off your shoulder
Be bold, be brave, be strong

Instead of sitting and wondering
Lift up your head start walking
You've gotta take a chance to see


You can climb any mountain
Swim across the deepest sea
You can rest assured
As long as you can breathe
Your allowed to be free
Things they change
Just know it's gonna be


Don't you worry about a thing
It's gonna be ok
It's gonna be ok


(Thanks to Richard for these lyrics)

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