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Liberty X
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  • Artiste: Liberty X3137
  • Chanson: No Clouds
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Textes et Paroles de No Clouds

Woke up this morning
opened my curtains,
what do I see?
but a lovely day.

Sun shining down,
no sign of the clouds,
don't wanna go to work
cos I got to play.

Call up my peeps and
head for the beach,
do a whole load of nothing
all day long.

I don't care about no 9 to 5
right here's where i belong.
then I got a funnt feeling that
things are gonna go my way.

Oh Oh Oh

Ain't gonna be no clouds
hanging over my head no more,
all I can see is sunshine
there's one thing know for sure,
no way I', holding onto yesterday no more,
living for today, I don't care 'bout tomorrow.

There was a time when you always will deny
you were shy, you were hiding things from me,
believing every line, never listen to my own
no I've opened my eye's, now I really see.

Without you here the way is clear
live my life the way I wanna be,
all that matters is right here, right now
my life's ahead of me.

Now I ain't gonna worry about the time, this day is mine.

Woah Woah Woah


Ain't gonna be no clouds
I've got myself a positive mentality,
I'm Miss Congeniality
thinking about the things that I'd like to do,
when you were in my life I never got the chance to do.
It was hard for me to see I only needed me
your negativity made me think I couldn't be what I wanted to be,
but now that I'm free, I realise that my life is mine, this is my own time.

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