Paroles Who Is The Best Freestyler de Lil' Matt

Lil' Matt
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  • Artiste: Lil' Matt23132
  • Chanson: Who Is The Best Freestyler
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Textes et Paroles de Who Is The Best Freestyler

[Lil' Flip Talkin']

[Lil' Matt]
If you talkin' about me Lil Scrappy your in trouble
Lil' Scrappy you ain't nothin but T.I.'s lil bubble
I re-member when you came to my house and stoled some stuff
I told T.I. that I had a gun and gonna shoot him down
You a bitch been a bitch still a bitch if you ain't bitch then you a snitch
I went to 55 states bitch nigga fuck you and yo' friend
You ain't shit your mom ain't shit your chain ain't shit
What name are you on nigga your name ain't shit you claim that shit
But fuck dat you really don't know
I'm the king of the South you just a big hoe ass mouth
Nigga in 2003 I dissed them mothafuckas U.G.K.
It's 2005 my favorite number is ninety-nine
T.I. and Lil Scrappy you just a bitch niggaz
That my song it ain't that long you just a bitch nigga
You can't rhyme bitch nigga you ain't high

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