Paroles By My Fay de Linea 77

Linea 77
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  • Artiste: Linea 774377
  • Chanson: By My Fay
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Textes et Paroles de By My Fay

My tongue arrives where my life cannot - what do you say?
Another life what is wrong now here?
That's all right but i can't breath no money just a dream how do you live?
No one escape like you want by my fay i feel inside what do you try to find?
There's a new kind of man but my lips can't stop what are you waiting for?
My desire and how? there's a place over that hill are you sure?
No one scream for hate but only for joy noone can fuck ya 'cause noone think this
You could speak whit god and could ask him
Why everything is so quite so danger but at the same time so beautiful

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