Paroles Insane Lovers de Linea 77

Linea 77
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  • Artiste: Linea 774377
  • Chanson: Insane Lovers
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Textes et Paroles de Insane Lovers

Take me
Touch me
What can you feel?
I'm just another one
Making a glance and smile
I won't move
'cause i'm too deep inside of you
Take me down again 'cause
I'm just fourteen years old
No excuses now
What can i give you more?
Is this an insane love

is this an insane love?
You or me?

Please don't talk
Don't say nothing to noone
Love needs silence
It's our secret right!
...and daddy's gonna give you a "gift"
just breathe and touch me
I love you son
"We got the same face, the same blood, the same sex"
I hate you...but
"Your dirty hands make me stronger now"
Insane lovers...go!

please could you tell me what i should do?
If i should scream your name
or just a whisper...i'm loving you!
Who's the insane lover?
Who's the insane lover?

Who's the insane lover?
Can you fell it all, can you taste it all?
Who's the insane lover?

Daddy needs another pretty boy...
To give him a gift now.
go daddy go!
Daddy needs another pretty boy...
To give him a gift now

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