Paroles Therapia de Linea 77

Linea 77
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  • Artiste: Linea 774377
  • Chanson: Therapia
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Textes et Paroles de Therapia

I' ve lost my brain into your chest,
your smile it' s not enough to believe you!
Bombing myself with paranoia!
Spinning round like...
Spinning round like...satellite!
I can' t receive a signal!
Forced words cause forced reactions!
All the words you say...
You only talk about you!
And i remain with my speechless rage!
So are you surprised
to rest alone
with the sound of thousands voices…
"we want you now!"
spinning round like...
Spinning round like...satellites!...
Around your orbit!
Forced words and forced reactions!
All the words you say...
You only talk about you
and i remain with my speechless rage
are you surprised
to rest alone
let' s feed your greed!
Spinning round like satellites!
You are acting like someone
who has something to conceil.
Hey ego ego egomaniac!
You are acting like someone
who has something to conceil.
Hurry up and let's feed your greed!

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