Paroles Mystery de Lion's Share

Lion's Share
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  • Artiste: Lion's Share10125
  • Chanson: Mystery
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Textes et Paroles de Mystery

On a distant planet far away
There's a place where we can stay
It's a place where dreams come true
It's a place for me and you

Don't you worry
I will lead you on the way

Gonna travel far and travel fast
We will reach our goal at last
Come with me and take my hand
On our way to promise land

Don't you worry
I will lead you on the way
Don't be afraid

I'm lost in a mystery
I fly through time and space
Drift to eternity and back
Come on and join me
I'm lost in a mystery
I'm never turning back
This is my destiny, I know
Come on and join me

Yes I know it seems just like a dream
This can't be reality
Close your eyes and you will see
What's in store for you and me

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