Paroles Notes And Daisies de Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb
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  • Artiste: Lisa Loeb5620
  • Chanson: Notes And Daisies
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Textes et Paroles de Notes And Daisies

Opening my ears to hear the poison in your words,
I see the apple in your eye.
And your smile wraps around me like a snake, a rattler,
Your smile strangles all your lies.
I don't want to send you notes and daises.
I need to smile right through your face.
So touch my lips and feel the words.
That I want to say to you.
Pretty as picture but I am here so don't be scared.
Of eyes that are so blue.
Just let yourself look closer and try to see that part of me,
That is so in love with you.
If I could let it rain but move the clouds away,
I think the sun would come up and we would go out play
On the grass.
I can't believe half way things.
I guess it just to tough to give a lot not knowing nough.
I run around you but I want to jump right into you,
And fill you up with me and
We see what you would be.
But instead when you spoke of me
My ears would have me burning.
But if you talk to me then maybe you would be learning.
I don't want to send you notes and daisies.
I need to smile right through your face.
So touch my lips and feel words,
That I want to say to you.

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