Paroles A Little More Love de Lisa Stansfield

Lisa Stansfield
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  • Artiste: Lisa Stansfield3298
  • Chanson: A Little More Love
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Textes et Paroles de A Little More Love

(L. Stansfield/I. Devaney/A. Morris)
Give me more love, give me more time
I can't understand it
Maybe you've found someone new
Tell me what did I do wrong
What did I do

Looking into your eyes now
I don't see the love we had
I don't see compassion
I don't see anything

Give me just a little more love
Some more to tide me over
Give me just a little more passion
Give me just a little more love

And a little more time
I don't see the reason
Why you should be so unfair
But I have seen it coming
Seen it hanging in the air

Baby when you hold me
You don't touch me like you did
But still I want you by my side
Baby I'll do anything


I can see you're slipping away from me
But I still feel the magic sometimes
When we touch
You and me, it has to be
'Cos baby without you I don't think that I can carry on

(Chorus x 4 and fade)

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