Paroles My Apple Heart de Lisa Stansfield

Lisa Stansfield
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  • Artiste: Lisa Stansfield3298
  • Chanson: My Apple Heart
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Textes et Paroles de My Apple Heart

(L. Stansfield/I. Devaney/A. Morris)
Listen baby
Let's talk
I can't take this pressure
I need to love you
But I need to breathe too

Honey don't mouth off at me now
But I've got to tell you a thing or two
Honey hear me out and sit down
Cos for some time it's been on my mind

Never had a love so strong
Never had a love so right
A love this tight
Never had a love so fine
Baby it's so divine
But you want too much time

You can't go on
Eating away at my apple heart
You can't go on
Worming your way through my apple heart

I just need a little more time
And you won't lose me
I'll love you more for it
There's nothing more exciting
Than being in your arms
But baby listen to me
Sometimes you've got to let go


(Chorus x2)

A little more space
And a little more time
And we'll be alright


(Chorus x4)

We need to talk
You need to give me more time

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