Paroles Broken Hearts de Living Colour

Living Colour
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  • Artiste: Living Colour25749
  • Chanson: Broken Hearts
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Textes et Paroles de Broken Hearts

I see the fragments of the dreams I used to have
And bits of aspiration lying in the sand
The stained glass wall of love that I cannot see through
Provides the only light here in my lonely room

A breeze reminds me of the changing time and place
A tear that takes forever rolls down your timeless face

I hear that they say that broken hearts will mend
But when they do they're never good as new
I wish right now I could change it back
I never meant to do the things I did to hurt you

I never really thought that it would come to this
Sometimes the things you lose are often the things you miss
I see the reason for things I used to do
They're all transparent now and so I see the truth
I hear they say that broken hearts will men
But when they do they're never good as new
I wish right now that I could change it back
I know you don't believe but I care about you
And I never meant to do those things I did to hurt you

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