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Textes et Paroles de Desperate People

I see you crying in the sunshine
I hear you laughing in the rain
You say you can't tell any difference
Between the pleasure and the pain

You say you never ever dream at night time
You say you only dream when you're awake
And say that T.V. looks like your life
And the life you lead is fake

Desperate People
Desperate People

You get your sunshine from a tab of paper
Then you're sitting in a spinning room
The clock is tocking and it's laughing at you
your life's a mystery without a clue

The crowd you're in thinks you're so amusing
They're oh so flattering and so sincere
They stand and laugh as they watch you crumble
And when you cry for help they don't hear

Desperate People
Desperate People

You feel the earth revolving
You see the sun dissolving
You hear the night calling out to you
You have no direction and you have no protection
What you gonna do when your trip turns blue?
When you come crashing down and there's no help around
You need friends, you need help
But first you have to help yourself

The music stops and the party's over
The money's gone and your crowd is too
Can't break the chains that have kept you under
Has the monkey got the best of you?

I see you crying in the sunshine
I hear you laughing in the rain
You say you can't tell any difference
Between the pleasure and the pain

Desperate People

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