Paroles New Jack Theme de Living Colour

Living Colour
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  • Artiste: Living Colour25749
  • Chanson: New Jack Theme
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Textes et Paroles de New Jack Theme

Buy and die/or sell and be free
We are the new Jacks/this is our reality
Do unto others/leave no one alive
This is our creed/we will survive
No control is how I'm living
On the edge with no forgiving

Things get rough when you've got time to kill
You've got the cash/then I've got your thrill
I make more money than a judge or a cop
Give me a reason why I should stop

Large is how I'm living
On the edge with no forgiving

Some people say my soul is lost
I'll lose my life if I start to turn soft
From where I am there's no turning back
Crack is the master
I am a new Jack

Can anybody see me?
Can anybody hear me?

I'll never change/I'll never stop
I've got cold cash/I'm on the top
We can get busy if you want to play
I'll have the last laugh when I blow you away

Don't you see me?
Can't you hear me?

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