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Living Colour
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  • Chanson: Pride
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Textes et Paroles de Pride

When I speak out loud
You say I'm crazy
When I'm feeling proud
You say I'm lazy
I look around and see the true reality

You like our hair
You love our music
Our culture's large, so you abuse it
Take time to understand, I'm an equal man

History's a lie that they teach you in school
A fraudulent view called the golden rule
A peaceful land that was born civilized
Was robbed of its riches, its freedom, its pride

When I'm at work you say I'm great
You watch and ponder, but can you relate?
Inviting eyes hands drop, when the music stops

Don't ask me why I play this music
It's my culture, so naturally I use it
I state my claim to say, it's here for all to play


It's time for a change
Concepts rearrange
Can't you feel my rage...

It's up to you to seek the truth
To know your history, the difference between me and you
Relate to me as me, not what you see on TV


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