Paroles Under Cover Of Darkness de Living Colour

Living Colour
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  • Chanson: Under Cover Of Darkness
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Textes et Paroles de Under Cover Of Darkness

Touch without seeing love with no feeling
Stealing a moment...under cover of darkness

I'd like to kiss you let my lips caress you
Sending sparks of passion up your spine
But doing so means saying no and even
The thought would be a crime

I like to touch your skin even if it is a sin
I'd rather burn than not touch you
I might just go mad thinking what I might have had
And all the things I'd like to do

Safe seduction isn't what it is
Sexuality isn't what it appears to be
It's what you think you see

I want to make you hot
Touch that spot and send you on a trip
But my consequence is abstinence
And Lord knows I just can't slip
I want to feel you/the real you
Not the projection that you let me see
The safest sex is when it's not skin to skin
It's very simple let your mind go free


To do or not to do that is the question
Over and over you're prone to suggestion
And I simply can't condone the fact
That you want to make your bed my home
Let's say I take this man as my lover
And he swears that there will never be another
But really he doesn't give a damn about safe sex
And with all these other girls he has a taste test
Well the thrill doesn't outweigh the consequences
Therefore I am using my common senses
To let you know I adore you
But I'm afraid I'm not the one for you


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