Paroles Eyes Of A Stranger de Lizzy Borden

Lizzy Borden
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  • Artiste: Lizzy Borden28421
  • Chanson: Eyes Of A Stranger
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Textes et Paroles de Eyes Of A Stranger

I think I know you when I look into your eyes,
But when I hold you I feel you're as cold as ice.
You stare a hole in me that chills me to the bone,
Fatal attraction into the unknown.

In the eyes of a stranger, there lies a mystery,
In the eyes of a stranger, are you what you appear to be.

Beauty is just skin deep and the lines are getting old,
Trying to find what hides behind the eyes of the beholder,
Stranger's kiss is worth the risk of always being new,
Never know just who you're with that's staring back at you.

In the eyes of a stranger, there lies a mystery,
In the eyes of a stranger, are you what you appear to be.
In the eyes of a stranger, take a turn full power thrust,,
In the eyes of a stranger, be cruel and be dangerous.

With x-ray eyes I see tonight,
Just who you are and I'm watching you.
Your secret dream I hear you scream,
I've gone too far for eyes of blue.

The secrets of the past and all mistakes that never change,
Recreating replays, but the outcome stays the same.
Ticking like a time bomb on the ready to explode,
It's fantasy, reality, it's meaningless, alone down deep.

[Repeat chorus x2]

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