Paroles I Am de Loco

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  • Artiste: Loco25804
  • Chanson: I Am
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Textes et Paroles de I Am

So you say you're tired of me
You now identify you better wait in line
Know I'm not your enemy
I'll never tell a lie I never even tried
I've seen it comin anyway
I'm not the game you try to play
You came to throw it all away
I wonder why

I am feeling like I'm burning

There's never time to hesitate
What do you gotta lose I never came to choose
I never wronged you anyway
So what's it gonna be your gonna be with me
I wonder what it's like to be
The things you've always tried to be
Antagonize my everything
I wonder why

I am feeling like I'm burning

I'm never gonna be
I never wanna be
I'll never try to be
What you came to see
So what you think of me
Bring that shit

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