Paroles Escape de Longwave

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  • Artiste: Longwave25879
  • Chanson: Escape
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Textes et Paroles de Escape

back in my mind
taking my time
I don't see you every day
coming around
crushing me down
open everything

you can run, but I know what you are
you can take, but I know what's inside

something to get me through
slipping into view, oh

you can run, but I know what you are

fly, knowing my face
floating in space
exploding into you tonight
what fits in my head
choking my bed
give me hands to learn to fly

you can take, but I know it's a lie
and when you're down, they're never on you side

I can't look at my face
I want to leave this place, oh

and you can take, but I know it's a lie
and you can run, but I know what you are

what you are
I know what you are

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