Paroles The Flood de Longwave

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  • Artiste: Longwave25879
  • Chanson: The Flood
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Textes et Paroles de The Flood

When you're lost and you're dry
The flood is on the way
when they kill you for a light
They push you all the way
The deeper you go the harder it gets
Until nothing's left of you
When you're lost it's a mess

But there's a feeling when
You let it in
You can't be sure
Of anything
I let it out,
I let it in

The flood is on the way

The times you've known,
The ones you love
You left in the dark
The drugs you took last night
Were right there from the start
The bigger it gets the fiercer it grows
consuming everything
The ones you love,
The times you've known

But where there is nothing
Was once open
I can't be sure
Of anything
I let it out,
I let it in
Now all the things I once began
Are all but dry, they're all but dead

The flood is on the way

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