Paroles I Can't Hear The Music de Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn
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  • Chanson: I Can't Hear The Music
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Textes et Paroles de I Can't Hear The Music

He showed me there was more to me
When I thought I had nothing else to give
God knows he wasn't perfect,
Ah but then, again, nobody is

He always told me the truth
No matter how hard it was to hear
When he said "I believe in you"
It was music to my ears

Oh each words like a note
Like a beautiful tune
The kind that inspires
And helps me get through
Ah if I said I can't
He's say you can
He was my toughest critic
Ah, my biggest fan
Now he's gone to a distant shore
And I can't hear the music, anymore

Sometimes late at night
I forget that he's not lyin next to me
He may be out of sight
But out of mine is something he won't ever be

Things that he said to me are still ringing out loud and clear
When he said, "I love you baby" that was music to my ears


I can't hear the music

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