Paroles Don't Hurt A Woman de Lou Reed

Lou Reed
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  • Chanson: Don't Hurt A Woman
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Textes et Paroles de Don't Hurt A Woman

I was angry, I said things I shouldn't say
But please don't turn your back
Sometimes I get so upset
But I take it all back

Please don't go, I know I was wrong
Sometimes I don't know what comes over me

But I try to remember
Don't hurt a Woman
Don't hurt a Woman

I was angry, I said things I shouldn't say
I must have lost control
Sometimes something clicks in my head
And I'm not myself anymore

That wasn't me, you can't believe everything you see
Let's make believe I never said a word

And I'll try to remember
Don't hurt a Woman
Try to remember
Don't hurt a Woman
Try to remember
Don't hurt a Woman
I'll try to remember
Don't hurt a Woman
'Cause I lovin' you
So long

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