Paroles H-Bombs And Stripmalls de Love You Moon

Love You Moon
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  • Artiste: Love You Moon37123
  • Chanson: H-Bombs And Stripmalls
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Textes et Paroles de H-Bombs And Stripmalls

Now take your filthy claws out of me
I don't want em' here no more
A Baseball bat for your TV screen
A hydrogen bomb in your strip mall
They start you off so young
Instilling what you need
Flashing imagery persist to cut the flow off you bloodstream
Until our imaginations have become pixilated
And now megabytes do the work of brain cells
And hard drives fill the task of hearts
But humans can't be trusted anyway
Cause we can't live forever
And Immortality is an art just like the fear of rejection
Come on swallow this handful down
You know your conscience is impregnable
Assimilation has become imminent
So pull the hammer back now, now, now
And drink it down until you see the bottom
Can't you smell it, can't you smell it?
It's all around!
Whose got a driver for these screws?
Everybody's got an answer for our solution
It requires the liberation of emotion
A little passion a little rage
A book and a bottle and some gasoline
A little passion a little rage
A book and a bottle and some gasoline
And a smile, and a smile from the mouths of who are worth it

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